Rubik’s Cube mosaic of Prince Harry’s face breaks Guinness record

The London-based maker of puzzle toy Rubik’s Cube broke a Guinness World Record by gathering 308 people to assemble a giant Rubik’s Cube mosaic of Prince Harry.

The company enlisted the help of speedcubers including world champion Goerge Scholey to teach the assembled group of volunteers how to solve Rubic’s Cubes before they set about creating the likeness of the royal personality.

The volunteers used 1,575 Rubik’s cubes to create a mosaic designed by a Norwegian cube artist who goes by the handle @cubearting. The final result, measuring 8.4 feet by 6.7 feet, was certified by Guinness as a new record for most individual contributors to a Rubic’s Cube mosaic.

The previous record of 293 participants was set in India in May.

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